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Review – Montage Jennesse Chocolate Masque

2 Dec

I hardly ever buy masks.  I usually get enough of them in my beauty subscriptions, and I haven’t really seen the benefit in them.

However, they are a great way to pamper yourself and to get your skin Holiday party ready.

Recently, I decided to fix this beauty lack and incorporate facial masks to my beauty routine.  At my local grocery store, for a $1.99, I bought a package of Montage Jennesse Chocolate Masque.

If your store doesn’t carry it, fret not!  This line is abundant on Amazon.


What attracted me to this was the absolutely creepy picture of the lady on the package.  Mint and chocolate bars for eyes, crusty looking skin. I know it’s supposed to represent the mask.  I still don’t like it.  So I bought it! HA

What is it?

An anti-stress, pore cleansing mask

How does it work?

 Slap it on, sit, wait.   Watch Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal.  It will get hard and dry.

It also has some pretty awesome ingredients.  I really like packaging, so I took a picture of the list:


What did I think?

First impression, this smells like cocoa.  So I fell in love.  Second impression, this made my skin really nice.  My pores were cleaner and smoother.

Bonus impression, the package is rather generous and you can easily get 3 uses out of this.

Will I repurchase?

Yes.  I also want to try their other varieties.

Have you tried the Montage Jennesse Chocolate Masque?  What did you think?