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Update to Review – Parlor Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray

22 Jun

Hello Lovelies!

I wanted to have proof of how awesome the Parlor Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray is.



All I did was scrunch my hair a bit.  My hair does have a natural wave, so it does wave and shape easily.

What I love about this spray is how bouncy the hair is after application.  All others used to leave my hair sort of gross.

Hope you try it!



Parlor Review 

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Hair Extension Brand Review – Babe Hair Extensions

8 Jun

My last set of extensions, and the ones that are still waiting for me to put back in my hair, were Babe Brand.  Babe is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Once again, a reminder:

Please note – hair care for both brands is virtually the same.  

1) be gentle

2) don’t yank or pull your hair too much

3) be careful with pulled back hair styles such as ponytails

4) don’t use shampoos or conditioners with sulfates or alcohol or oil

5) don’t blast your tapes with heat – it will melt your glue

6) listen to all advice your hair care professional will give you

Another Quick plug –  If you are in the Northwest Chicago/Suburban area, my friend Elyse did my extensions both times. She’s an amazing stylist and I would recommend her to anyone wanting awesome, funky, edgy, beautiful, and healthy hair. Here is her website.

Hair Review

Babe Pros

Hair texture – although I liked the texture of the Hotheads because it matched my frizzy hair, the Babe hair feels a lot better.  It’s smoother and the individual strands feel thicker. It’s less frizzy and lays more straight than wavy.

No shedding – I didn’t have long red strands all over the house, shower drain, towels, sink.  It was great.

No knots – I didn’t get the weird mess of knots around the wefts.

Length – the Babe length is slightly longer and I really liked that.

Overall appearance – Babe just looks better.  Shinier, thicker, healthier looking hair

Overall daily maintenance – Because these didn’t shed or knot or get tangled as the Hotheads, I didn’t need to spend as much time daily baby-ing them.  It was nice not to brush gingerly and try to get tangles out.

babe Extensions

Babe Cons

Stylability – I didn’t think these held a curl as well.  I felt the curls didn’t get as tight and lost their bounce quicker.

Would I get this brand again?  

Most likely yes, even if I didn’t have hair still waiting for me.  These looked better day to day, I was much happier with Babe than without.

Also, on the last photo we did a color melt/smudge to get rid of the root mark.  I love love love this trend.

I hope I covered everything!  I linked to the Hotheads review on top as well so you can read both if you are interested.


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New Hair! Two tone – black and red!

6 Feb




Anna’s new hair! 


Swoop, There It Is!

21 Jan


Cute short hair styles

17 Jan

I had a lot of fun looking for short styles I really liked.  Some of these are truly bombshell!

486a9036258b2defe168e702572c6118 cuteshortbrownhair shortblondewaveshair lightbrownshortwaveshair shortbrownwavyhairstraight  shortplatinumblondecurleswaveshair


Who said short hair isn’t sexy or feminine?


Current Obsession – Loose Curls

16 Jan

Now that my hair is ‘boob’ length I am getting excited about doing loose, beachy curls.


I found an excellent video tutorial from the adorable From Head to Toe.Image 

Click the image above for video!

Here is some Hairspirational images for you gals.






New Hair – Violet to red Ombre’

22 Nov

Just finished getting my hair done by Samantha at Orbit Hair Salon in Wicker Park.

What do you guys thinks?



Anna’s new hair red with black streaks

26 Oct


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Easy Hair – Braided Hair Headband

14 Oct

I am no hair wizard so I am always trying to find new and easy ways to style my hair.  The braided headband is SO easy and people are so impressed by it, especially since they don’t make those fake hair braids in BrightassRed.

ImageLove this look?  Here is how you do it!


Take a small section from behind one ear.  Braid it.  Swoop it over.  Pin it.  done.

Hair too short to make it all the way over your dome or you want a thicker headband?  No problemo!  TWO BRAIDS.  One from each side.


Here is the HOW TO!


As you can see, this is the same process as the single braid method except you repeat on the other side as well.

This style looks great with up-dos or with your hair down.  With bangs or without!

Here is me rocking a braid with an up-do:


Fall 2013 Hair Color Trends

10 Oct

According to Cosmo 🙂 Click here to see all of them:

cos-01-kate-upton-jGjhCE-de cos-02-jennifer-lawrence-RyQjWs-de cos-01-nicole-richie-lgn cos-02-blake-lively-lgn cos-03-jessica-chastain-kolaeS-de cos-03-amy-adams-lgn cos-04-christina-hendricks-lgn cos-06-jessica-biel-lgn cos-08-michelle-tractenberg-lgn