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What’s in my make-up bag?

15 Nov



This is what I carry with me everyday.

Starting from top and then left to right:

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder in Medium.  It’s a good powder, does it’s job.  Keeps me from looking too oily 🙂

Sephora Kabuki Brush.  It’s retractable and perfect for the purse.  I got this on clearance last year and it’s now gone from the site.  This is the closest I could find for the price.

Starlooks Kohl Liner in Obsidian.  Still available and only $9.00 USD.

Revlon ColorBurst in Fliratious Charmeuse $12.88 USD.  I love that this doubles as a lip balm. It’s so soft.

Hikari lipstick in Cabernet $13.00 USD

Sephora + Pantone Universe Collection lipstick in Pure Marsala.  This was a limited edition color last year and I went bonkers over it.  There are still items left over in that shade on Sephora’s website.  It’s a red brown shade, and I’m still a little obsessed with it.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey $17 USD.  This is one of my favorite make-up items of all tume.

Blotterazi by beautyblender.  This was a Birchbox sample because I don’t know I would actually purchase this.  It’s $20.00 USD and it’s supposed to be an alternative to blotting.  But, if it really worked would I still be carrying around my MAC Mineralize?

Hope you lovelies enjoyed what is in my purse!

Thanks for reading!!



[Even more] MAC lipstick dupes.

19 Dec


November 2013 Empties Post!

10 Dec

So sorry this is late.  I took the pictures ages ago, but I haven’t been able to do a complete post.

Ok, so here we go…this is a smaller post than my previous months.


1) Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab imps in the following scents: Pool of Tears, The Sea Foams Milk, Vinland

I liked Pool of Tears. It was from the Alice in Wonderland collection.  The scent was nice and light and pretty.

The Sea Foams Milk was okay, it was from the Fairy Tale collection

Vinland was bolder and sweeter, and I don’t think it’s available for sale anymore because I can’t find it on their website.

I love BPAL, but none of these scents were a super win for me.

2) Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Lip and Cheek Color in Flirty Kiss.  I only used this for my lips and I really really really like it.  I inherited two of these from two Birchbox friends in two different colors.  I love the texture and love the colors.  Will repurchase.

3) Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream.  I really liked this at first. Sadly, I am allergic to most SPF products, chemical and mineral alike.  This mineral SPF product eventually started to give me the telltale milia break out.

BUT, I really recommend it to someone who doesn’t have the allergy problem.  It’s a great summertime product when you are looking to lighten your foundation routine.

4) Bio Oil.  There is some hype around this product.  It is a mixture of oils including a synthetic form of an oil normally found in water fowl.  This doesn’t have the best smell, but it does moisturize and heal really dry skin in a few weeks.  I think they ask to give it at least a month or so of continuous use.

I’ve used it on my face without issues, especially around my eyes.  And I love it for my feet.  Will I repurchase this?  Most likely.

5) 100% Pure Pomegranate Nourishing Body Cream.  I love this line, I love these lotions.  Yes, will repurchase for summer.  I need something heaver for the Winter months.

6) Bath and Body Works Paris Amour Hand Sanitizer. Smells so sweet and pretty. I always keep one of these in my purse because I am a germaphobe.

7) Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Gothic.  I love this for summer, and the color is a true red without blue undertones.  Looks like blood, it’s perfect.

8) be Delectable from Cake Beauty Strawberry & Cream Hand Cream.  This was in my Ipsy from November (I think).  I went through it pretty fast, but I have dry hands.  This smells SO AMAZING.  Not the best moisturizing for Winter, but would probably work for the warmer months.

I’m sort of bummed I only used 8 products in November!

What were some of your empties/faves?


Splurge or Steal – Drug Store dupes of Clinique!

12 Nov


Check out Rachel’s Blog: The Life Unsweetened for other amazing money saving tips!

October 2013 Empties Post

16 Oct

Last time I did one of these was back in August, and I accumulated a ton of empties since then.  I probably waited too long to do this, but oh well…maybe I can try to do an Empties Post once a month.

Since there are so many, I’m not going to make a lot of comments about these products unless I wouldn’t repurchase for some reason or I really loved them.


See?  There is a  ton of stuff!!

2013-10-15 00.31.48 2013-10-15 00.33.30


2013-10-15 00.34.10 2013-10-15 00.34.49

20131015_001213 (3)

2013-10-15 00.23.12 2013-10-15 00.25.13

These are both very similar to the Smashbox Face Primer.  I actually prefer the Sephora brand to the Hourglass.  Hourglass is white and blends, Sephora is clear.

2013-10-15 00.36.27

The E.L.F. setting spray is a staple in my collection.

2013-10-15 00.23.53

I would not repurchase this liquid eyeliner.  It didn’t stay on me AT ALL.  I looked like I cried…a lot.

2013-10-15 00.24.33

I would not repurchase this Boots Expert Instant Matte.  I thought it may have been a good dupe for Clinique’s T-Zone which was discontinued (TRAGIC).  It fell VERY SHORT of my expectations.

2013-10-15 00.26.55 20131015_001322

2013-10-15 00.28.50

2013-10-15 00.28.00

One of my fave mascaras.  OF COURSE I will repurchase this 🙂

2013-10-15 00.29.40I

I’m so in love with these glosses.

2013-10-15 00.32.41

Our V-Primer 🙂

2013-10-15 00.25.49

The best blotting paper you can get for a $1.00 USD.

If you have any questions about any of these, let me know and I will be happy to share my humble opinion 🙂


Ultimate MAC lipstick Dupes

8 Oct



Review: Revlon Colorstay Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm

1 Oct

I bought the Revlon Colorstay Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm last year.  It has sat in my make up collection for over a year.  I wan’t really feeling it when I got it.  This year I brought it out because I wanted daytime red lips.  A stain is so much easier to pull off in the day even in  a dark, bold color.

JUST BITTEN Lipstain & Balm

I have the color “gothic”…because well…duh

2013-10-01 09.10.12

2013-10-01 09.09.15

It comes out in a nice berry stain.  The lip balm on the other side is nice because stains can be drying.  Of course, I broke mine, so my lips are dry.  As seen above.

The staying power is decent, and it’s cheap!  Around $8.00 USD and you can catch it on sale for around $5.00 USD.

If you have never worn a stain before, and don’t want to shell out major $$ for Benetint, this is a good stepping stone.

PLUS they have a million colors.

Are you a fan of lip stains?


Makeup Hack – Lasting Lipcolor

19 Jul

I am no lipstick expert. I tend to shy away from it because I hate how it fades and smears.   I seriously avoid red lips because I’m a total noob and I feel like I look like Robert Smith.

ImageBUT I found a game changer!  Everyone should know how to do this.




STEP ONE: Apply lipstick or matte lip pencil over the entire lip area. Don’t fill in your entire lip with a kohl lip liner pencil as it’s too drying and not attractive.

STEP TWO: Blot with a tissue by folding it in half, opening your mouth, placing it in between your upper and lower lips then pressing down.

STEP THREE: Load up an eyeshadow blending brush with loose or pressed powder.  Then powder your entire lip area by pressing and swirling the brush across your lips until they are totally mattified.

STEP FOUR: Apply another layer of lipstick. Using a lip brush helps with precision; I actually dipped the lip brush into the side of the high pigment pencil.

REPEAT STEPS 2-4 and it should last all night. Also, I think you’ll really love the 1940′s look of wearing a “done up” lip but email us and let us know!




1 Jun


Update – Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

31 May


Happy Friday!!!!!!!

This is our first update!
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