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Sale Alert – Groupon Deals for Beauty Week

31 Jul

Hello Lovelies!  If you are not signed up for Groupon, you need to get on this.  Groupon has major deals on pretty amazing things and events and restaurants.


This week they are having a Beauty Week, so go check this goodness.

Some amazing things available:


Body Shop $10.00 for $20.00 worth of products!


$59.99-$64.00 for a 1,000 TC Italian Egyptian cotton sheet set.


HerStyler Hair Straightner and 3-Piece Curler Set for $59.99


Luxury towels for $27.00 for a set of 6!!!


YesToCarrots half off!

They also have fragrances, salon and spa services, work out gear!

It’s a great chance to try a beauty line you’re curious about.

Sign up, pick your interests and watch great deals flow into your inbox.

So, what are you waiting for?



Juice Beauty – Green Apple Peel for Sensitive Skin

11 Sep

I just received a sample this in my BirchBox yesterday and I really like it.


I have been afraid of peels for a long time because I have sensitive skin and most of them just turn my skin red.  I once has red raccoon eyes from one in high school and begged my mom not to make me go to school.

I used the Green Apple Peel last night and my skin looks and feels amazing today!  It says to use it 1-2 times a week but I am having trouble waiting.

I experienced no redness, tightness or itchiness.