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101 Household Tips for Every Room – neat!

5 Dec

Some really clever and handy ideas.  The internet is like a wise old Grandma.




Put magnetic strips inside your cabinets to hold bobby pins!


see the rest HERE!


Fake Eyelashes – are two sets better than one?

4 Dec


The other day my friend’s eyelashes looked amazing!  I guess she gets complimented all the time and asked what mascara she uses – of course, it’s fake lashes.  But her secret: wear two pairs stacked together.  Like natural looking, thin lashes.  So that they are bold but not as overboard as some of the super thick lashes you find in the store.

What do you guys think?  Have any of you tried this?

Trend Alert – Mid Knuckle Rings or Midi Rings + Manicure

9 Oct

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Totally cute and totally on point.  Wear one alone or give it match it with other rings.  

Where to buy:


Chevron Midi Ring

Set of 5 above Knuckle Rings

One big thick midi ring

and more….

OR try:


10 Sep



Good Hair Day tip!

5 Sep

The top 4 beauty tips that don’t cost anything but we make excuses not to do them.

11 May

1. Drink plenty of water – Flushes toxins, hydrates and makes your feel better.  It also makes your skin look much better and helps prevent against water weight.  Skinny B*tch.  The general rule is 8 glasses at day but ideally women need 2.2 litters and Men roughly 3 liters.Image

2. Make healthy eating choices – duh.  If you eat like crap you will look and feel like crap.  If you want amazing hair and nails a nutrient rich diet is the way to go!


3. Get enough sleep – There is really no magic number here as everyone is different.  Some studies say 7-8 hours.  Listen to your body.


4. Exercise – Not only does it help you fit into your skinny jeans or that dress you love that you only wear after you had the stomach flu but it makes you feel great.  (and helps with sleep)  Being healthy makes you look healthy therefore you look better.