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The Twisted Hairband

29 Oct



Cute hair idea – braids and buns

21 Oct


Headband Hair Tuck Tutorial

20 Oct

Super easy and super cute!  We both rocked this style a ton this summer as we are both growing out our hair.

You literally just put and elastic headband on over your hair and then tuck and roll your hair up and over the elastic band.  That is it!


Updos for short hair – growing out your hair pains

8 Oct

I’m growing out my hair, it sucks.  It sits at my shoulders, so instead of having a cute 20s bob, I feel meh.

So far, I’ve been tucking my hair in a headband, but I am now bored.  Here are some of cute hair ideas I found:

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cute hair

20 Sep



for more cute hair ideas go HERE

Hair diaries – Pretty summer updo – Easy

20 Aug

I totally copied Kassi’s hair, but that girl has serious hair style.  AND my hair is finally long enough to successfully tuck it into a headband.  Easy peasy!



Pro Tip- Check out my create use of the mirror in my work cube!

Show us your favorite casual updo!


Sock bun trend –

16 May

I still don’t know how I feel about this sock bun trend.  On one hand I do kind of want to look like a ballerina but I just don’t know if the look works for everyone – i.e. me.

 What do you think?  Do you like to rock the sock?


Here are some tips on how to use one of the sock bun things that look like a dish scrubber:


Or you can just make one out of an old pair of socks.  (hence the name)

Click for Video Here