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Review – Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray

20 Sep

I really enjoy hair products, especially ones that fill my fantasies with thick and long hair.

Thickening hairspray, you say?  You had me at “thick”!

I think this was a Birchbox item. My apologies for not remembering.


Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray retails for $29.00 for 8 oz of product.  You can get a trial/travel size for $10.00 at Sephora.

From Sephora: 

What it is:
A setting spray that offers a moderate hold for all hair types.

What it does:
This spray lifts and holds all hair types—thin, thick, straight, or curly. Use it for blow-drying, setting, protecting from heat, adding volume, lifting, controlling, and finishing any style. Pair this must-have formula with Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner for a little more heft.

My thoughts:

Does it work?

I spray this on my hair after I wash it at night.  What this does is give me more volume and bounce to my hair the next day.  I don’t think it lasts past 1 day of use.  It does fade out and you will need to reapply.  However, if you over use it too many days in a row it becomes sticky.  It did on my hair, at least.  My hair is thick/thin.  I have a full head of fine hair.

Would I re-purchase?

Yes, but not at the full size.  I think the trial size goes a long way, and I don’t use it very regularly.

Thanks for reading!



Update to Review – Parlor Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray

22 Jun

Hello Lovelies!

I wanted to have proof of how awesome the Parlor Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray is.



All I did was scrunch my hair a bit.  My hair does have a natural wave, so it does wave and shape easily.

What I love about this spray is how bouncy the hair is after application.  All others used to leave my hair sort of gross.

Hope you try it!



Parlor Review 

Bumble and Bumble Surf Review 

Review – Parlor Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray

2 Jun

Happy Thursday, Lovelies!  I always really enjoy reviewing hair care products.  And I enjoy receiving hair care products to review!  I got the Parlor Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray in my April Birchbox.


 My first reaction at receiving a sea salt spray was bored disappointment.  I have never used one that I absolutely love.  I use it and it seems good the first time, and then it ends up fading my hair color or drying my hair or it gets greasy.  (what’s up with that?)

So I wasn’t excited about Parlor Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray.  But I tried it.

My first time, I LOVED it.  I had used it just after I took out my extensions and loved the waves this created in my hair.   Here’s is some background on the product before I dive into my thoughts.

From the Parlor website:


Part beach wave spray, part leave-in conditioner, this formula gives hair that covetable surfer-girl texture without the drying effects of salt water.


All hair types


Adds volume and creates perfectly undone, beachy waves without drying out your hair.


Sweet almond extract – protects hair fibers and infuses softness, volume, and brilliance into weak or damaged hair.

Algae extract – helps rebalance the scalp’s moisture content while protecting, stimulating, and nourishing the scalp with vitamins.


Spray evenly on damp or dry hair and style with your fingers. For increased hold, diffuse with hair dryer.

Did it deliver what it promised?

Yes, my waves were more formed and bigger (I do have a natural wave in my hair).  My hair was shiny and soft not crunchy.  My hair looked pretty.  And all I did was spray this on and scrunch it up.

Bonus use

If you don’t wash your hair daily, this also works to hold your second day style.  I curled my hair the second day after I used it (many times) and it consistently keeps my hair styled and the curl last longer.

One thing I disliked about other sea salt sprays was that it was pretty much impossible to make my hair look good the day after.  It would be either stringy or frizzy.  Sometimes both. Uncute.

Would I purchase full size?

Yes!  It retails for $24.00 which is not the cheapest styling product but it’s also not the most expensive.  Also, you don’t drench your hair with this, so it does last a while.  I’m still using my Bichbox sample size and we are already in June.

Have you guys used  Parlor Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray?  What did you think?


Review – Curlisto Structura Lotion

22 Oct

Now that my hair is longer and growing, I decided it may be better to stop fighting my natural waves.

I used to go virtually product free, other than leave in conditioner or oil.  However, my hair still frizzed, and my waves were weird and wonky.

I decided I to try a styling tool aimed to shape curls instead of working against it. I saw Curlisto Structura Lotion on Birchbox. Since I had enough points to score it without actually spending any cash, I bought it.


From Birchbox:

Birchbox Breakdown

Just because you like a little structure doesn’t mean you have to be a complete stiff. This alcohol-free lotion defines waves and curls without stiffness and fights the never-ending fight against humidity to help reduce frizz.

How it Works

A host of ingredients work to create smooth, bouncy waves and curls, including hydrolyzed soy protein, which conditions and strengthens strands, and panthenol, which prevents breakage and improves hair’s pliability.

My thoughts

I work this in and air dry my hair.  I honestly can’t be bothered to put in additional effort in the morning.  I scrunch it into my hair.


Frizz-less and static-less wavy hair.  It’s not stiff, it smells nice, and it helps your style to hold.  When I did curl my hair, the curl held really really REALLY well.

I like that it also sort works as a leave in treatment since it’s made with soy protein.

It comes in a spray or regular bottle, and it ranges from $15-$18 USD.

Will I repurchase?

Probably, unless something even better comes along.

Have you tried Curlisto?  What did you think?


Cute short hair styles

17 Jan

I had a lot of fun looking for short styles I really liked.  Some of these are truly bombshell!

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Who said short hair isn’t sexy or feminine?


Style Guide – Hat Head!

14 Nov

We live in Chicago and this week has been so cold!  WINTER IS COMING.

Winter is a great time to grow out our hair and to train your hair to not need to be washed so frequently because you can wear hats!

I have often avoided hats because I feel like they aren’t cute but last year I embraced wearing hats!  Just find a few you love and you will thank me later.  For great, cheap hats try Target or H&m.

Pro tip: if you need to take your hat off (work, restaurant, etc) I recommend keeping dry shampoo on had to help make it look less dirty and less frizzy.  Also, wearing a braided style can help make you look done-up with minimal effort.

Here are some cute styling idea:


chunky knit slouchy beanie with loose waves.


Straight with volume and a statement hat.  Warm and cute!


Beanie, Blazer and waves!  Chic!


Slouchy beanie with side braid.  This would look fabulous with a fishtail braid!


Beret with side braid.  Would look cute with pigtail braids!

Headband Hair Tuck Tutorial

20 Oct

Super easy and super cute!  We both rocked this style a ton this summer as we are both growing out our hair.

You literally just put and elastic headband on over your hair and then tuck and roll your hair up and over the elastic band.  That is it!


Waterfall Braid – cute and easy

16 Oct

Braids are always cute and a quick way to change up your look.  The waterfall braid is a nice option as it’s easier than a french braid and it good for work, school or even going out.


It also looks great with straight or curly hair!  And with all hair colors. 🙂


Here is a nice little video tutorial for waterfall braids: The Waterfall Braid 

Pro-tip: Pinterest

29 May

There are many amazing ideas on Pinterest but please make sure you research them a bit before trying.

For example, there is a very popular pin going around right now about using brown sugar and water to straighten hair with no heat.  This doesn’t work.  Its totally just a ploy to see if people will do it.

Read more: Here and Here.


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