Olive Oil Skin & Hair Care

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Olive Oil for beauty!

Originally posted on Budget Friendly, Too:

I really can’t get enough of this stuff! It’s always my go-to face wash, body wash, moisturiser, hair conditioner and cooking oil (and anything else I might need it for).

Ever since using this oil, my skin is softer, my face is clearer and my hair is so much more manageable! I really, really recommend trying to incorporate this oil into your routine, if you haven’t already tried it!

Olive Oil Face (And Body) Cleansing:
Use just the olive oil: pour some on hands and massage into face for a few minutes, really allowing the oil to sink into the skin (I usually do this in the shower so I can rinse it off easier) and rinse off.
If you need more exfoliation (and for really soft skin), add sugar or sea salt!

You can also use the oil more intensely using the oil-cleansing method; massage the oil into your skin and…

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Gold metallic lids & matte nude lip

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Love the gold lid!

Originally posted on CosmeticsObsession:

I just love gold! It’s such a classy color and an awesome way to spice up any look!

Products used

Details for my last look✨

🔻Mary Kay CC cream (light)
🔻nine•one•two cream palette
salmon color to correct dark circles
🔻Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit
vanilla and banana to set concealer
Fawn to contour

🔻Tarte ‘memorable’ blush
🔻The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer
🔻Real Techniques blending sponge

🔻Mehron topaz gem powder
mixed with mehron mixing liquid all over lids
🔻Lorac Pro Palette‘black’ smudged along lower lash line
🔻Revlon colorstay eyeliner black
in waterline
🔻Ardell Lashes natural 110
🔻Mary Kay Gel Liner

🔻Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow (dark brown)

🔻MAC boldly bare lip pencil
all over lips
Check out my instagram for daily glam! @cosmeticsobsession

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Welcome Into The Beauty Land – Christian Louboutin Launches His Own Nail Polish Line

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hmmmm thoughts?

Originally posted on A Stairway To Fashion:


Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Line

Back in 1992, looking at one of his shoe sketch, Christian Louboutin, was disappointed that the actual shoe didn’t come out as colourful and bright as the original sketch, especially underneath, so, he took a bottle of nail polish from his assistant, who was yelling in protest, and his famous red soles were born.

Twenty two years later, the French footwear guru launches into the beauty world, with a collection of signature nail polishes in spiky bottles, strikingly tall just like his sexy heels.


The Rouge Louboutin nail enamel

Priced at 50$ the red shade – Rouge Louboutin – will go on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York, and on August 6, the same shade will arrive at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom and select Sephora stores, as for the other shades they will hit the stores on August 31

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Review – Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser

23 Jul

I was super excited to receive Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser in my Bichbox!  I have been coveting this cleanser for a while, but never wanted to spend $20.00 on a cleanser.


From Birchbox

How it Works

This creamy cleanser contains moisturizing cocoa butter, and two of nature’s best astringents: eucalyptus essential oil and rosemary. These plant oils lift dirt off the skin’s surface without disrupting the natural barrier function. With the use of the brand’s 100 percent cotton muslin cloth, skin is gently polished without irritation—perfect for even the most sensitive of complexions.

How to Use

Gently massage one to two pumps onto dry face and neck in circular motions. Run warm water over your muslin cloth (also available in our Shop), and sweep over face and neck to remove cleanser, dirt, grime, and oil. Once cleanser is fully removed, splash face with cool water.

My thoughts

At first I wasn’t impressed with this at all.  I thought it cleaned terribly.

Then I decided I must be a dummy since everyone in the beauty world is into this.  So I read the instructions again and modified my routine.

Once I started to really working the cleanser into my skin and then using the muslin cloth with hotter water, I was hooked.

I feel like it gets my skin cleaner than an average cleanser without being drying.  The muslin cloth also helps to exfoliate your skin in the process.

Could the muslin cloth work with another creamy cleaner? Yeah, probably, but this cleanser is really quite good.

Would I buy?

Yes. I think this will be amazing in the winter to combat any dryness.

Have you tried Liz Earle? Are you a fan?


which beauty box is for you

22 Jul


More beauty box info for you Lovelies! This just hot off the presses!

Originally posted on Comfortably Chic:


As a self proclaimed beauty junkie, when I first heard about beauty box subscriptions I immediately signed up and waited patiently for my first box to arrive.

My first subscription was Birchbox. I was a loyal Birchbox supporter for about a year, but I started getting antsy for more full size products. So when I saw the Glossybox for NetAPorter collaboration, I was intrigued. Sure, it was pricier than Birchbox but the value appeared to be much greater. Now, after a year and a half with Birchbox and 8 months with Glossybox, I have a good idea about what each box offers, and what they don’t.

So, which box is for you?

Birchbox is for you if…

  • You consider yourself trendy and like to mix high and low cost items together
  • You’re a beauty product junkie
  • You love free samples at Sephora
  • You’re anxious to try the “next big thing” before…

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Beauty Boxes! Full List of Beauty To Your Doorstep by The Makeup Honey

22 Jul

I stumbled across this AMAZING list of all available beauty box subscriptions.  Seriously, this girl did her research. Her Blog is called The Makeup Honey.

Check her out here.


Above is one of my Birchboxes :-)

Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo: Finished Product Review

21 Jul


It’s been a while since I used this brand. This blogger gives a great review!

Originally posted on Budget Beauty:

Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo

Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo

Price Point: $15.00 at Target
Packaging: Metal bottle (with green lid, which I lost); contains 6.3 oz.
Application: Slightly damp, can appear white in dark hair, lifts roots and adds texture
Scent: None
Cons: Can appear white in dark hair, doesn’t add a lot of volume to hair

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Rocking the Elizabeth Mott Tints and Sass second day in the row!

21 Jul

Elizabeth Mott Tints and Sass is a lip and cheek stain, similar to Benetint.

Today is the second day in the row I’m wearing this as a cheek stain and I’m loving it.


I’m not ready to do a full review yet, but this is my fave of the week!

Happy Monday!


Review – Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray

21 Jul

Hey there beach babe!  Do you want flirty mermaid waves every day?


Well then, Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray may just be what you desire.


Marc Anthony Dream Waves retails for $8.99 for about 4.5 fl oz of product.

I received a sample from Ipsy that is about a quarter of the full size, and I still have a good amount of this left.  Less is more when it comes to wave sprays.

From Ulta:

Strictly Curls Beach Spray texturizes, boosts waves, adds body and volume, protects hair from the sun and creates a tousled finish. Hydrolyzed Silk and Provitamin B5 protects hair as it hydrates and leaves a shine.

Why I like it

It delivers what it promises, beach waved hair

It doesn’t weigh it down, if not over used.  I cannot stress this part enough; if you apply too much of this product, you hair will look limp and greasy and sorta crunchy.  Uncute.

I have used this on wet and dry hair. Very similar results on either application.

You can use this on dirty hair!  So you dry shampoo fans who like to skip a wash, this will work on your day or 2 day old hair.

If you use it on dry hair, it won’t get you super waved, but it will give you some texture and shape.

Why I dislike it.

These aren’t really “dislikes”, they are not some small cons:

I think it sort of fades colored hair.

It can leave dry hair a bit drier even though it claims to hydrate.

I don’t think it leaves a shine, but it doesn’t leave your hair completely dull.

Would I repurchase?

Probably yes.  It’s a super great price and it I like how it works.  Great for a lazy hair day.

Have you tried Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray?  Do you like it?



PS. Kassi and I really like Honduras.

Summer Hair Care.

20 Jul


Sharing this post because I love the Suave Moroccan line.

Originally posted on Legally Redhead:


When it comes to my hair, I typically get asked one of two questions when I meet people for the first time:

1. Are my curls natural? (Yes- and I still have no idea where they came from since nearly everyone in my family has had pin straight to lightly/barely wavy hair.)

2. Is red my natural color? (Nope! I’m a brunette by birth!)

Once those are out of the way, I am then usually asked one of two follow-up questions:

1. How do I keep my curls looking hydrated, healthy, and bouncy?

or 2. How do I keep my very bright, very vibrant reds from fading- especially in the Summertime sun?

The truth is, it’s not easy. Curly hair is typically dryer than straighter hair (which leads to a LOT of frizz and flyaways,) and red is the hardest hue to maintain- often fading to a rusty orange or…

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