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Growing out hair and how to not look lame

4 Jan

I’m growing out my hair again, because I seem to have developed commitment issues with hair length. Short, Long, Extensions, Go crazy and cut it off.

Here are some fun hair dos I found, including my own braid headband!



sorry for my naked face 🙂 I was lazy and all I did was fill in my brows super dark and wear a bit of lipstick.

Thanks for reading!!



Review - Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion

16 May

I received a sample of the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion in my Ipsy in April. I realized that I never posted my April goodies, SO SORRY!!!

However, I loved this so much I needed to tell you lovelies.


The sample lasted me a few uses. I thought this was so phenomenal, I ordered a full size after the first use.

Why I love it -

This says that is mimics a salon/spa microdermabrasion and it really does. I have never felt anything remotely close to a professional micro before this. I was sold, immediately.

If you have never had a professional microdermabrasion, expect to feel like there are a million little rocks/ crystals/diamond flakes scrubbing your face. It doesn’t sting while you are doing it, but it doesn’t feel good.

Your face will be tender afterwards. It can be red. It can sting when you apply another product after, especially if it is anything “anti-aging”.

I use it twice a week like the company suggests, and I am loving the results.

SO MUCH CHEAPER than a salon/spa service.

Go get you some!


How I’m saving my dry skin on a drugstore budget!

15 Jan

Hello Lovelies!

Winter is always super tough on my skin and my legs usually look alligator scales


But not nearly as cute.

This year, I think I may have a routine that keeps my skin super soft.


Nivea Touch of Sparkle is as moisturizing as it claims. My skin never feels tight or uncomfortable after the shower.

20140113_202332 (1)

Sidenote - it does not make me sparkle like diamonds. HAHA

The Skintimate shave gel is incredible. We blogged about it before. Smoother shave and smoother skin? Yes please.


After the shower, I’m using the Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant. This doesn’t smell super coconutty and the scent fades quickly. If you are hoping for a more tropical scent, this may not be your thing. If you are looking for smooth skin, then this is it.


In addition to these gems, I am making sure to drink a lot more water. I suck at drinking water, I can easily not have any unless I make myself drink it. Solution? There is an app for that, at least for Droid. You can set your daily water goals. If you are OCD and like lists like me, this will be good for you.


December 2013 Empties Post

10 Jan

Here are the goodies I used up in December!

wpid-Collage-1388959210691.jpg wpid-Collage-1388958106957.jpg

1) Skintimate Shave Lotion - this is saving my skin from over drying. Yes, repurchased

2) L’Oreal Eye Make-Up Remover. This burned my eyes. Won’t be repurchasing.

3) Bath and Body Works Dark Kiss Body Mist. It was okay, but not my fave scent.

4)Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Night Revival Cream. THIS IS MY HOLY GRAIL. In love. We reviewed it before here.

5)DermOrganic Conditioner. This was okay. May or may not repurchase. Right now I am using a Matrix Conditioner that I am really liking…so yeah. OK, probably won’t repurchase…there just made up my mind.

6)Jonathan Volumizing Conditioner. This stuff was the devil, will not be purchasing it again. And because I am weirdly stubborn and OCD, I had to use the entire bottle and hated it. Obviously, I have problems HA.

7)Glycolix Elite Facial Cream 20 Percent. Another HG product for me. My Med Spa friend turned me on to this, and I am hooked. Get it. You will be 40 and you will look amazing. Duh, of course repurchase.

8)Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara. I liked this, for a drugstore mascara. Cover Girl is one my faves, but this may be a repurchase. Especially if on sale. I like sales.

9)Smashbox Primer sample . I’ve bought this before, and I have a sneaking suspicion this breaks me out. It’s never terrible, just a little small blemish here or there. I don’t buy this anymore, I stick with the Monistat. What? yeah. here.

10) Luxe Repair Sample from Julep. Face oil, meh. Not impressed.

11) Pravana Vivid Red - yes, Staple. I make my own color depositing conditioner. Interested?

12)Look Better Naked from Soap and Glory. OMG this smelled soooo divine. Yes, I will be buying this.



DIY Makeup Stand

19 Dec

DIY Leave-in Conditioner / Hair Perfume!

26 Oct

I have said it before and I will say it again - I love LUSH. One of my absolute favorite items they have is American Cream. It’s a hair conditioner that smells amazing- fresh strawberries and vanilla!


The problem is, it doesn’t really detangle my long hair very well and it’s expensive, so it’s not really great as a stand alone conditioner. [THIS is my go-to conditioner.]

While driving yesterday I have this brilliant idea, like ya do, to make an American Cream Leave-in Conditioner! Super budget friendly! Its pretty much a perfume for my hair that also nourishes. Gosh, I’m smart.

Here is what you need:

  • Any conditioner you enjoy the smell of
  • Water
  • mini spray bottle


  1. Add conditioner about 1/3 of the way
  2. Fill with water
  3. Shake
  4. Enjoy


I’m in love with this guys - I keep walking around smelling my hair. It’s weird!


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How to contour - easy cheat sheet

23 Oct

Found this on Tumblr


I wish we could find a cheat sheet that tells you which bronzer/contour color to use! 🙂


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Headband Hair Tuck Tutorial

20 Oct

Super easy and super cute! We both rocked this style a ton this summer as we are both growing out our hair.

You literally just put and elastic headband on over your hair and then tuck and roll your hair up and over the elastic band. That is it!


DIY Magnetic Makeup Organizers

20 Oct

Hey everyone! Just came across these organizers and had to share.

Great way to store and show off your makeup. No more digging thru that makeup bag!

They are really pretty easy to make.

Magnetic Make-up board. Cover a sheet of metal with fabric and glue to a frame. Add small magnets to the back of your products. You can even add little cups from the dollar store to store you brushes!

Here is the BEST tutorial I’ve come across. Make-up Magnet Board






Super cute right? Enjoy! -k

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Waterfall Braid - cute and easy

16 Oct

Braids are always cute and a quick way to change up your look. The waterfall braid is a nice option as it’s easier than a french braid and it good for work, school or even going out.


It also looks great with straight or curly hair! And with all hair colors. 🙂


Here is a nice little video tutorial for waterfall braids: The Waterfall Braid

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